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The Ardèche, a land of contrasts with multiple attractions. These wild and abrupt gorges are home to the natural arch of the Pont d’Arc. Beyond it, they contain the greatest masterpiece of cave art known to this day: the Grotte Chauvet cave and its replica, the Grotte Chauvet 2 cave, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With its varied landscapes, the Ardèche extends towards the Cévennes valleys, more mountainous where the chestnut trees give way to the numerous villages, classified amongst the loveliest villages in France such as Vogüé, Balazuc, Labeaume or even Saint Montan.

In a land of countryside sports, your stay or weekend in the Ardeche, will be accompanied with adventures as varied as canyoning, climbing, Via Ferrata, potholing, canoeing or mountain biking. Test your spirit of adventure by leaving for a weekend canyoning or a weekend of climbing with Face Sud.

From Vallon Pont d’Arc to Barjac taking in Joyeuse, Ruoms, Aubenas or Les Vans, as far as Villefort or Largentière, we have selected various ranges of accommodation. Created by the players in local life. From the most traditional to the most out-of-the-ordinary: Camping, gîtes, bed and breakfasts or delightful hotels. Also dare to try the Cabins in the trees, yurts, or out-of-the-ordinary accommodation
via corda duo sejour
Experience love and fresh water

Weekend as a couple

Our expertise and deepened knowledge of our region, enables you to have a romantic weekend off the beaten track. Sport, relaxation and especially a lot of delight are on the menu for your stay as a couple.

In addition to sports activities such as canyoning, canoeing or Via Corda, Face Sud has set aside a few surprises for you, during your romantic stay in the Ardèche! Stay in out-of-the-ordinary,accommodation, savour delicious festive packed lunches, or make the most of a massage to unwind together.

These 2-day stays in the Ardèche gorges as a couple, include 2 activities (sports or relaxation), the accommodation on-site and half-board (breakfast and evening meal). For any additional request during your couple’s weekend, do not hesitate to contact us.

Notre selection of romantic weekends in the Ardèche

Canyoning en Ardèche en amoureux en week-end ou séjour
Weekend as a couple 2 days - 1 night
D’amour et d’eau fraîche
From the cushion of the soft bed, through to the excitement of countryside activities. This perfect weekend, to surprise your other half, which will delight ...
Price (incl tax)
169 € / pers
week end amis
An escape for 100% fun

Adventure Weekend with friends

Whether a hen or stag event in the Ardeche or for a simple weekend adventure with friends, Face Sud has prepared themed stays including sensational activities such as canyoning, canoeing, climbing, Via Ferrata…but also with accommodation. This is both spacious and comfortable located in the vicinity of the Ardèche nightlife.

Going off for a canyoning weekend or climbing weekend with friends, is to reconnect with an even wilder countryside, whilst making the most of being together. Birthday, hen or stag event…all reasons are good to enjoy time with friends.

For hen or stag events in the Ardeche, we have developed themed stays, given over to this unique occasion. By booking this short stay, with a double dose of sports activities for men and a massage option for girls, you are sure to give pleasure to the future husband or wife.

Notre selection of weekends in the Ardèche with friends

Via ferrata cordata en Ardèche en week-end ou séjour
Weekend with friends 2 days - 1 night
The Chassezac: de eau en bas
A weekend, a valley, 2 thrilling activities. A common thread: the Chassezac. Discover the 2 facets of the Ardèche: the mountains in the Cévennes and ...
Price (incl tax)
178 € / pers
Weekend with friends 2 days - 1 night
100% collègues
With friends, for a hen or stag event, for a birthday or quite simply to get together with your mates…This ready-made weekend has been specially designed ...
Price (incl tax)
134 € / pers
Week-end entre amis 2 jours - 1 nuit
100% Olympiades
Entre amis, pour un enterrement de vie de jeune fille ou de garçon, pour un anniversaire ou tout simplement pour se retrouver entre potes… Ce week-end ...
Price (incl tax)
180 € / pers
Weekend with friends 2 days - 1 night
Autour du lac…
A stay in the vicinity, 2 experiences, 1 lake, 1 in a Cévennes village, all within reach!
Price (incl tax)
179 € / pers
famille sejour velo
Get a great dose of good humour

Weekend as a family Ardeche

Are you seeking ideas for your next weekend as a family in the Ardeche? We have devised out-of-the-ordinary stays mixing sport, countryside, heritage and exploring.

During your stays in the Ardeche, Face Sud has concocted a selection of weekends personalised for your tribe where young and old alike will get carried away in the countryside. On the menu for this stay in the Ardeche: mountain biking, beginners’ canyoning, canoe descent, an adventure course in the open air, not forgetting the visit to the Aven d’Orgnac cave and prehistory museum.

Our “weekend as a family” options include accommodation for all the family. Have an unique experience, during your stay in the Ardeche, by sleeping in a cocoon bubble right in the middle of the forest, or by testing a new out-of-the-ordinary concept.

Our selection of stays as a family in the Ardèche

Weekend Ardèche