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Attacking the steep cliffs

Adult climbing course

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Our being well-versed in climbing, and the desire to share our passion, leads us to offer you climbing weekends, and courses for adults and for all levels. Whether beginners or experienced climbers, our team of professionals know how to highlight your strengths. Objectives: discover, advance and make the most of your adults’ climbing course !

As climbing remains our first love, we offer weekends and courses given over to the most beautiful sights, that have been part of the history of freestyle climbing, such as Marseille and its Calanques (rocky inlets) or even the Ardèche gorges.
escalade ardèche
Limestone, granite, schist, the Ardèche is an artistic choice...

Climbing in the Ardeche

During these climbing courses for adults, your experienced guide will give you all of their knowledge on the essentials of cliff climbing: the safety techniques for setting up a top rope climb, including advice on the equipment necessary. You will leave this course with solid knowledge of this activity.

The Ardèche is one of the best spots to begin your initiation. During your course, every day you will discover various climbing sectors such as Monselgues, the famous Bois de Païolive wood, or even Mazet Plage.

With our all-inclusive 3 or 4 day options (accommodation, catering, transport to the site), choose the adult climbing course, which suits you best. On this occasion, you will be able to have exchanges with enthusiastic instructors, desirous of sharing their love of this sport in the Ardeche.

Our selection of climbing courses in the Ardèche

Adult climbing course
Adult climbing course
Adult climbing course
couleur calcaire
A break in the calanques of Cassis

Climbing in Marseille

Have a breath of fresh air and book one of our climbing courses for adults, in the vicinity of Marseille and Cassis. If you are used to indoor climbing, the calanques are an extraordinary playground, to discover outdoor climbing. Whilst climbing the immense abrupt cliffs, you will be able to contemplate the majestic view over the Mediterranean and its crystal-clear waters.

Whether you are a enthusiast, or a beginner, each adult climbing course is divided into three steps. We begin with the initiation and a reminder of the basics for easy routes, then have a review of the techniques on intermediate routes, and to conclude, there is an improvers’ day on more complex rock faces.

So you avoid having any concerns about logistics, all of our adult climbing courses have an all-inclusive option (accommodation, catering, transport to the site). The Face Sud instructors also take charge of providing you with all of the necessary equipment (except for climbing shoes).