COVID-19: Stress-free booking
Cancellations and special booking conditions for the COVID-19 crisis
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In the event of complete compulsory cancellation of an activity, for reasons inherent in the COVID-19 epidemic, meeting the criteria* mentioned below, the balance is refunded in full.
*Cancellation criteria linked to COVID-19 for reimbursement of your activity:
– Face Sud Organisation is closed over the period of your booking or is in a Heightened Alert zone.
– Lockdown is declared in your region of origin or destination.
– The closure of borders between your country of origin and your country of destination.
– A period of quarantine is to be observed, when moving around your destination region.
– A government recommendation in your country against non-essential journeys to the destination region. (More information from the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs is accessible on & the French Ministry of Health and Solidarity (Ministère des Solidarités et de la Santé) ).
– You should observe a period of quarantine demanded by a doctor due to the fact that one or several people in your group is/are found to be positive in the RT-PCR test for Covid-19.